A bounty of whole, natural ingredients is at the heart of every Truth Bar. Each ingredient is chosen because it packs a powerful nutritional punch. Blended in a unique recipe, each bar is made with love for a rich, luxurious taste you will enjoy every day without any artificial ingredients or fillers that you might find in some other snacks or bars.

Every rich, dark, chocolate covered Truth Bar was scientifically formulated to balance your microbiome, boost your immune power, give you sustained energy, and soothe tummy troubles on a daily basis.

To optimize your health you should optimize your gut health. So, in addition to powerful superfoods, Truth Bars deliver both probiotics and the prebiotics that sustain their growth.

Goodness on the Go

It's hard to achieve balanced nutrition in the midst of a busy life.  When it comes to getting vital nutrients for gut health, probiotics are in some hard-to-get places like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso soup and yogurt. Then, to make it even more challenging, prebiotics are in entirely different foods, like asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, and onions. 

That’s why we put prebiotics and probiotics in every Truth Bar for the quickest, most convenient and easiest way to get you what your body needs.

A daily Truth Bar makes a healthy gut much easier—and achieving it more delicious—than preparing and combining all those foods in your kitchen.

Meet the ingredients that Truth Bars are made of.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

The tiny chia seed is said to be this century's miracle food discovery. They are packed with powerful soluble and insoluble fiber and loaded with a full day's supply of Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and other key micronutrients.  This makes chia seeds one of the few “complete” plant-based proteins. Chia seeds provide numerous lasting health benefits for your gut, your brain and your immune system. Chia seeds are a key ingredient in all Truth Bar flavors.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Think of coconut oil as a quick dose of very clean energy for your body’s most important functions. That’s because it consists of a unique combination of essential medium-chain fatty acids that are very easy for your body to digest and utilize almost immediately for hydration, balancing, and nourishment. Coconut oil is linked to fat loss, improved brain function and balancing the gut's microbiome and is included in all Truth Bar flavors.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is packed with essential minerals and anti-aging antioxidants. Our specially formulated dark chocolate coating drenches all our bars and is completely soy-free and sugar-free. Our rich, exquisite chocolate is made from whole cacao beans that contain the obromine, a naturally occurring alkaloid that's known to stimulate and promote good mood and sharp cognition.

Almond Butter

Almonds have fewer calories and more protein than other nuts, because they are loaded with essential fatty acids. These healthy fats support your digestive system while increasing both your energy level and ability to shed unhealthy fat. In addition, almond butter boasts very good levels of Vitamin E, magnesium and iron. Almond Butter is a key ingredient in our Chocolate Almond Crunch (obviously) and Mint Chocolate Chip bars.

Cacao Nibs

Cacao Nibs

Energizing and joy inducing, this is crunchy chocolate in its natural state of perfection. Cacao nibs overflow with micronutrients including flavonoids, antioxidants, fiber, magnesium and potassium. You can find these fun to eat bursts of crunch in our Chocolate Almond Crunch and Mint Chocolate Chip bars.

Chicory Root

Chicory Root

Chicory root fiber (inulin) is a powerful prebiotic that has tremendous medicinal qualities.  With a ZERO on the glycemic scale, it adds sweetness and is safe for diabetics.  Chicory is a known anti-inflammatory that also prevents constipation and other gut related ailments.  This superfood is included in all Truth Bars.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt

The trace minerals in sea salt help produce proper amounts of HCL (hydrochloric acid) "stomach acid" which is the foundation for food assimilation and proper digestion. HCL helps your body to absorb vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, folate and B12.  Sea salt is in the recipe of all Truth Bars.

Brown Rice Protein and Whey Isolate

Brown Rice

We blended these two proteins together for a fiber and protein blend that provides all the BCAA's (brained-chain amino acids) for muscle development as well as a complete protein for meal replacement.  This dairy-derived protein combination is contained in our non-vegan bars, Chocolate Almond Crunch and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Bacillus Coagulans

In extensive research and clinical studies, this strain of probiotics has proven to be a powerful bacteria, beneficial to treating and preventing diarrhea, IBS, gastritis, bloating, and stomach pain.  It is also one of the few strains that is heat stable and shelf stable, which means it does not require refrigeration to retain its potency.  B. coagulans is included in all Truth Bars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about PREBIOTICS and PROBIOTICS:

What is a Prebiotic?

Prebiotics come from plants, usually root plants that contain a lot of fiber and feed the good bacteria in your gut.

Why is it important to have both prebiotics and probiotics?

Probiotics alone cannot grow without a healthy gut to support them. When combining a nurturing base of prebiotics in the belly, with a good dose of probiotics, a garden of flora blossoms and fills the gut with a balanced microbiome.


How much inulin is in each bar?

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry:
Chocolate Dipped Coconut: 3.2g
Mint Chocolate Chip: 3.3g
Chocolate Almond Crunch: 2.5g

How much MCT Oil is in each bar?

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry:
Chocolate Dipped Coconut: 4.5g MCT/bar
Mint Chocolate Chip: 0.5g MCT/bar
Chocolate Almond Crunch: 0.5g MCT/bar

These are approximate amounts based on estimate of 60% MCT present in coconut oil, and 65% oil in coconut.

What is the percentage of “prebiotic - probiotic"?

Using approximate inulin amounts:

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry:
Chocolate Dipped Coconut: 3.2g prebiotic to 500 Million CFU probiotics
Mint Chocolate Chip: 3.3g prebiotic to 1 Billion CFU probiotics
Chocolate Almond Crunch: 2.5g prebiotic to 500 Million CFU probiotics

What is the strain of probiotic in the lactoSpore?

Lactobacillus sporogenes (bacillus coagulans). It is a stable Lactic Acid forming probiotic that has exceptional and lengthy studies of gut healing effects ranging across gastro intestinal issues, bloating, diahhrea and irritable bowel syndrome.


Questions about SWEETENERS:

What is erythritol derived from?

Erythritol is derived from NON-GMO corn as a fermented sugar alcohol with GRAS status from the FDA.

What is the ratio of sweeteners? (Tapioca / Erythritol / Stevia)

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry:
Chocolate Dipped Coconut: 6.5g / 3.2g / 0.02g
Mint Chocolate Chip: 11.0g / 3.3g / 0.02g
Chocolate Almond Crunch: 11.0g / 2.5g / 0.02g



Are Truth Bars Vegan?

We have created both Vegan and Non-Vegan bars. Two of our flavors are Vegan and two are Non-Vegan. Our Chocolate Dipped Coconut and Chocolate Dipped Raspberry bars are both 100% Vegan. They're both rich in fiber and essential medium chain fatty acids that are easily digested, which makes them incredibly useful for a quick burst of energy.

Our Chocolate Almond Crunch and Mint Chocolate Chip bars feature a Non-Vegan blend of brown rice protein and whey isolate that supplies essential Amino Acids for a "complete" or "whole" source of protein. Our balanced mix of fiber and protein results in two meal replacement bars that provide all the BCAAs needed for proper muscle development.

Are Truth Bars 100% gluten free?

Yes, all Truth Bars are 100% gluten free!

Is there soy in Truth Bars?

Soy based lecithin is commonly used as an emulsifier in dark chocolates. However, they are are serious consumer concerns over soy that we have taken very seriously. In order to protect and promote overall health the specially formulated dark chocolate coating on all Truth Bars is completely free of both soy and sugar. 

Other Questions:

Where can I find a full list of ingredients?

You can find a the full list of ingredients on each bar’s product page. The ingredients can be found by clicking the second tab. Here's a link to each of our product pages: Chocolate Dipped RaspberryChocolate Dipped CoconutMint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Almond Crunch.

Where can I find nutrition information?

Each bar’s nutrition facts can also be found on the product pages above. Just click the third tab.

Another place to find info would be our ingredient's page, which outlines each of our key ingredients and their benefits.

What is the shelf life of the bars?

Truth Bars have a shelf life of 12 months. We make our bars in small batches, which ensures that our retailer's shelves are stocked with fresh bars.

Please let us know if you have a question that is not listed above.
Simply write to us at info@truthbar.com. We are happy to answer any questions!