It's a New Year! This is the time we usually hear a lot about New Year's resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead. We're diving back into work, school and our busy routines after a holiday break. Wherever you're starting, whatever you're planning, it's going to take some energy, focus and motivation to get where you want to go. We reached out to some of our favorite experts and influencers to get their advice on how to start the year off energized, motivated, feeling great and how to stay strong throughout the year.

Reading positive advice and proactively cultivating positive thoughts not only feels good, but its also been shown in many studies to actually improve health and help you live longer (this article on optimism in Healthline gives a great summary). We are big believers in the power of positive words, basic wisdom and truth that can help people live better lives. These experts offer amazing advice and inspiration here and ongoing on their blogs, social media accounts, podcasts, live classes, videos - follow them or others who inspire you to give yourself a daily 'pick-me-up' of positivity.  It works!

These time-tested tips are a great start to a healthy New Year.


5 Steps To Get Back In Your Groove

-- Diana Stobo, Co-Founder of Truth Bar & Owner, The Retreat Costa Rica

On Instagram @dianastobo


"It's the New Year and weight loss is on everybody’s mind.

Or is it “Detox” these days?

Either way, from Halloween until New Years Day, the temptation to indulge always leaves us ready for a “jumpstart” into the New Year. 

Here are 5 easy steps to get back in the healthy groove without dieting.

  1. Drink 1 gallon of water each day  (let's dilute and flush out all the holiday cheer and make room for a hydrated happy, mobile body that feels so good)
  1. Don’t eat past 6pm.  (not even a nibble, and certainly no more wine or champagne, until you are feeling ‘groovy’ again)
  1.  Go to bed at 9pm and sleep like a baby until your alarm buzzes.  No more late nights until you are all caught up on sleep and your body is detoxed.
  1.  Get out into nature. I don’t care where you live and what the weather is like, as long as you breathe fresh air, feel the breeze, touch the ground, hug a tree, eat some snow (that counts as water) or feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  Absorb the nutrients of the great outdoors.
  1.  Stretch all those pies, cookies, and glasses of spirit and good cheer out of your tissues.  Dehydration and inflammatory foods tighten the fascia, time to “Let It Go”

Easy Peasy, and a no brainer, you will be good as new in no time."


The Power of Now!

-- Kristin McGee, Personal Trainer, Author, Yoga Instructor at Peloton

On Instagram @kristinmcgee


"There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them! Just do it now...anything you want in life you are capable of achieving but you have to start today! Get out your yoga mat, connect your mind and body with your breath and do a few sun salutations.  Once you start you will realize how amazing you feel and it will lead into 20, 30 even 45 to 60 minutes on your mat.  If you need extra motivation join me live via the PELOTON app or find a friend to work out with. Have your neighbors, spouse, kids, or anyone you know hold you accountable by telling them what your goals are. Just believe in yourself. Know you got this! Someday will never come, today is your day!"


Planning: Your New Best Friend

-- Pegah Olfat, NASM, CPT, personal trainer, Pegactive workshops,

On Instagram @pegactive


“The new year is always a great time to kick-start new health and wellness goals! Whether you are looking to begin something brand new or needing that extra boost of motivation within your current day-to-day regimen, know that it is doable! I always advise my clients to set realistic goals (SMART goals) and plan ahead. Planning will be your best friend and help you stay consistent. Consistency is crucial, because inconsistency could refrain you from making these changes a part of your lifestyle and that’s the ultimate goal. It’s not about a quick fix. It’s about making it sustainable, enjoyable and a part of your life. Happy New Year, babes!



Take YOUR time

-- Jackie Aanonsen McEwan,, On Instagram @glutefreefollowme


"Do something active every day! It can be as simple as making the time to walk 30 minutes daily. Use it as YOUR time to clear your head, catch up on emails, or call a friend."


Good Food = Good Mood

-- Kara Landau, dietiitan and founder at Uplift Food

On Instagram @travellingdietitian


"What better way to get your year off to the best start possible than by including prebiotics on a daily basis; the probiotics in your gut need to be nourished just as the rest of us does, and nourishing them with prebiotics has been shown to support good digestion, enhanced immune health and even a positive mood! With prebiotics playing a role in stimulating serotonin release and reducing stress, it makes total sense to nourish our gut with prebiotic fibers and prebiotic resistant starches, as well as mood specific probiotics, and an abundance of additional healthy nutrients coming from a variety of gut healthy foods. Lets get our gut health and mind in the best possible place so that we can be our best selves going forward into 2019!"


One Day At A Time

-- Bailey Siegel, Balance, health and wellness, Weight Watchers ambassador,

On Instagram @balancedmissbailey


"It's so easy to fall into the trap of "I want to lose X amount of weight this month," or "I want to look like X by June" - but the number one thing that helps me make healthier choices is by thinking about the way it makes me feel. It also helps me to take it one day at a time and focus on small goals like "I'm going to drink more water today" or "I'm going to go for a long walk today" rather than overwhelming myself with larger goals that can sometimes feel unattainable."  


Let Yourself Feel The Tough Times to Feel Your Best

-- Nitika Chopra, Chronic Illness Advocate, Talk Show Host,

On Instagram @nitikachopra


"My wish and advice for people as they head into 2019 is to allow themselves to feel their feelings when they come up and try not to push them to the side or numb out of experiencing them. While that may be tempting and we can often feel like we don't have the time or energy to really experience the tough moments, I assure you that if you take the time to do so consciously you will be much better off for it. Finding a therapist who you can really open up to and walk through whatever comes up in your life is a great way to address your emotions head on. Another way to feel through your life in a safe and conscious way is to give yourself a time frame to dedicate to feeling sad, angry or doing some emotional processing. For example, I am going to let myself cry or scream for the next 20 minutes, 3 hours or I am giving myself the week (if the life circumstances are particularly challenging) and then I need to figure out how to move forward. The final way I processing instead of numb out of my emotions is by interacting with content that feels loving, kind and supportive. Such as a good audio book that shares a story of triumph and strength or even a podcast that interviews people who really inspire me. Facing our pain and hardship is a true superpower and it's what I hope to address in my own upcoming podcast, The Point of Pain, as I know it's a skill we are rarely taught but that is so needed!"


Keep It Real, Make It Fun

-- Wendy Moore, Certified Health Coach, Food Blogger

On Instagram @irondiva71


"Going into the New Year, it’s very important to set achievable, realistic goals to avoid feeling defeated. Buddy up with a friend and help each other stay motivated! Fitness with friends is always more fun and you can help hold each other accountable. Increase the “fun factor” by creating a challenge with a sweet prize for the winner. Perhaps a variety box of Truth Bars! "


Tapping into the wisdom and advice of experts and enthusiasts who share their journeys and advice is a great source of ongoing inspiration. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and wisdom as you go, it will make a real difference.


Here's to your health and happiness!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key attributes of a Truth Bar?

Truth Bars are functional nutrition bars with many key attributes. They were the first bars with both prebiotics and probiotics; they are high in fiber (13-14g); low in sugar (4-5g); contain a full day's supply of Omega-3 from white chia seed (250mg); and are made from natural, real food ingredients with no fillers. They are gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, soy-free and all 200 calories or less. Truth Bars contain premium, mostly organic ingredients such as organic extra virgin coconut in our coconut bars. Truth Bars come in both Vegan and Non-Vegan varieties. Best of all, Truth Bars continue to receive mostly five stars for great taste!

Questions About Prebiotics and Probiotics:

What is a probiotic?

Probiotics are good bacteria in your digestive system that help to keep your gut healthy and that make a beneficial contribution to your overall health.

What is a prebiotic?

Prebiotics are indigestible fibers that come mainly from certain plant foods that feed the good bacteria in your gut.

Why is it important to have both prebiotics and probiotics together?

Prebiotics feed the probiotics to help them thrive and work longer in your body. When combining a nurturing base of prebiotics in the belly, with a good dose of probiotics, a garden of flora blossoms and fills the gut with a balanced, healthy microbiome.

How much probiotic is in each Truth Bar?

1 Billion CFU's.

What is the strain of probiotic used in Truth Bars?

Lactobacillus sporogenes (bacillus coagulans). It is a stable Lactic Acid forming probiotic that has extensive studies of gut healing effects ranging across gastrointestinal issues, bloating, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. This spore-producing bacteria remains dormant in the package and on grocery store shelves, but becomes activated once eaten.  This hardy bacteria strain has a protective shell that helps it survive the acid and bile in your stomach so that it can reach your intestines unharmed.  Once there, the low ph and moisture in your intestines allows it to activate and multiply rapidly.   This is especially true when it has prebiotics there to feed it.

Questions about ingredients:

How are Truth Bars sweetened?

In order to achieve a balance between sweetness and low sugar, Truth Bars are sweetened by a combination of natural sweeteners and real food ingredients.

How many grams of sugar do Truth Bars have?

The number of grams of sugar ranges from 4 grams per bar in the Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar to 5 grams per bar in the rest of the Truth Bar flavors.

Are Truth Bars Made With All-Natural Ingredients?

Yes. Truth Bars are made with 100% all-natural ingredients and contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners, and no fillers. Truth Bar ingredients are also non-GMO.

Are Truth Bars Vegan?

Two Truth Bar flavors are vegan. Our Dark Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Raspberry Coconut bars are both 100% Vegan. They're both rich in fiber and essential medium chain fatty acids that are easily digested, which makes them incredibly useful for a quick burst of energy.

Three of our Truth Bars are protein based (10g per bar) and non-vegan. Our Chocolate Almond Crunch, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch bars feature a Non-Vegan blend of brown rice protein, whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate that supplies essential Amino Acids for a "complete" or "whole" source of protein.

Are Truth Bars 100% gluten free?

Yes. All Truth Bars are 100% gluten free.

Are Truth Bars soy free?

Yes. Though often found in chocolate, the specially formulated dark chocolate coating on all Truth Bars is completely free of soy. (the chocolate coating itself is also sugar free)

Are Truth Bars dairy and lactose free?

Truth Bar's vegan bars (Dark Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Raspberry Coconut) are dairy and lactose free. Truth Bar's protein bars contain both Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate.  These whey proteins contain a small percentage of lactose.

What about other allergens?

 If you have allergies, please read the food ingredients on the label carefully or talk to your nutritionist, allergist, or doctor about what is best for you. Also note that though not every Truth Bar contains these ingredients, they are made on equipment shared with peanuts, tree nuts, soy and dairy.

 Are Truth Bars kosher?

Yes. They are certified OU Kosher by the Orthodox Union. 

What is the source of Omega-3's?

Truth Bars contain Omega-3s from white chia seed.

Do Truth Bars contain MCT (medium chain triglyceride) Oil?

MCT Oil can be found in four of our bars: Chocolate Raspberry Coconut, Dark Chocolate Coconut, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Almond Crunch.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch contains no MCT oil.

 Where can I find a full list of ingredients?

You can find a full list of ingredients on each bar’s label and product page on The ingredients can be found by clicking the second tab on each product page.

Where can I find nutrition information?

Each bar’s nutrition facts can also be found on the product pages on Just click the third tab.

You can also find information on the ingredient page on that outlines key ingredients and their benefits.

Truth Bars & Popular Diets:

Are Truth Bars Keto Friendly?

Keto diets are very low in carbs, high in fat, ideally higher in fiber, and have some balanced amount of protein. The strictest Keto diets require very low to almost no carbs. Truth Bars would not be ideal for the strictest keto diet. But if you are looking for a snack option for a basic or moderate keto diet, Truth Bar's Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch bar is a great choice -- high in fiber (13g), high in healthy fat (12g), moderate protein (10g) and relatively lower net carbs (6g).

How many Weight Watchers points does a Truth Bar have?

Truth Bars have approximately 8-9 points per bar.

Are Truth Bars Paleo Friendly?

Paleo diets in their strictest form include foods that hunter-gatherers would have eaten. This means no foods that were not available to them (like sugar, processed foods, artificial ingredients) and lots of fruits, grains and lean protein. Paleo diets also restrict grains, legumes and dairy. Truth Bars, while gluten-free and only containing real food ingredients, would not fit in the Paleo diet in its strictest form as they contain some sugar (4-5g).

Other Questions:

What is the shelf life of Truth Bars?

Truth Bars have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production. We make our bars in small batches, which should ensure that our retailer's shelves are stocked with fresh bars when rotated correctly.

Do Truth Bars need to be refrigerated?

No. This type of probiotic is not in a live state on the shelf, it is activated only after it's eaten. For this reason, Truth Bars do not need to be refrigerated.

Questions about buying Truth Bars

 How do I find out if Truth Bars are sold in a store near me?

 You can use the Store Locator on to search by zip code, city or state to find a store near you.

 What if there aren't yet stores near me that carry Truth Bars?

 First, you can talk to your grocery store or health food store's manager and ask them to stock Truth Bars in their store. They can contact us directly and we can help. Meanwhile, Truth Bars can be purchased on and

 What is your return policy?

 100% satisfaction or your money back. You can reach out to us at and we will help.


 Please let us know if you have a question that is not listed above.
Simply write to us at or We are happy to answer any questions!