Rich, decadent, and sinfully delicious, dark chocolate is renowned for being the ultimate indulgence. But is your favorite diet cheat actually healthy for you? Science says yes, in fact, it is. Many experts actually recommend healthy chocolate for an extra nutrition boost.

Not that you need another reason to eat dark chocolate, but here are some great facts about the ultimate feel-good treat:


Chocolate is Full of Antioxidants

Free radical damage is the root cause of many health problems on the cellular level, including arthritis, heart disease, strokes, neurological disorders, and most signs of aging. Sometimes referred to as oxidative stress, free radicals can create a lot of damage in the body.

A key to fighting the damage that free radicals can cause is eating superfoods high in antioxidants. Chocolate rivals almost all foods in its antioxidant content, including blueberries and acai. Rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, chocolate can potentially slow the signs of aging, and fight serious diseases.


Chocolate is Good for the Brain

Healthy chocolate will not just slow physical signs of aging, but can keep the mind sharp as well. The cocoa in chocolate helps to increase blood flow to the brain, which can help cognition and reasoning.

Not only do those who consume chocolate have better cognitive function, but there are studies showing that it has the potential to protect against certain mental diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

Want to keep your mind keen for years to come? Chocolate may help hold the key for better brain health.

Chocolate also has the amazing ability to enhance mood. The cacao in chocolate stimulates certain neurotransmitters, specifically phenylethylamine and anandamide, in order to heighten mood, increase focus, and cause the pulse to quicken.

Healthy Chocolate: Yes, you can eat more chocolate, and why you should start now

Chocolate Improves Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Cocoa, the main component of chocolate, has been studied for its effect on the heart and researchers have found that it has the ability to improve heart function. Just like it improves blood flow to the brain, dark chocolate has the potential to improve blood flow throughout the body as well. The result is that it has the potential to lower blood pressure.

In fact, one study even found that it improved blood pressure in patients with diabetes and hypertension. Chocolate can have an incredible effect on the heart even in people who already have conditions that effect their blood pressure and heart.

The antioxidant called epicatechin, which is a form of the flavonoid mentioned above, in healthy chocolate have been found to increase cardiovascular health. Not only has been found to lower blood pressure, but it improves blood glucose and lipid metabolism, which is important for heart health.

On many different levels, dark chocolate can be what you need to keep your heart beating strong.


Chocolate is High in Trace Minerals

The typical modern diet is critically deficient in many important vitamins and minerals. Only 25% of Americans eat the recommended amount of magnesium, for example. The dismal amount of minerals in the diet can be the cause of many health conditions, such as exhaustion, muscle soreness, brittle bones, and heart disease.

It is essential to consume mineral-rich food, then, for your best health. Dark chocolate has an impressive amount of nutrients that make it a superfood. Chocolate is incredibly high in fiber, iron, magnesium, manganese and copper, along with a wide array of nutrients. As part of a nutrient-dense, well-rounded diet, chocolate can give a needed nutrient boost for optimal health.

Healthy Chocolate: Yes, you can eat more chocolate, and why you should start now

What about cacao?

If you would like to kick the nutrient content up a notch, give cacao nibs a try. Cacao nibs are pure roasted cacao beans, the purest form of the bean that chocolate is derived from. It has the most concentrated form of antioxidants and nutrients. It's a real powerhouse of nutrition and has all of the health benefits above and then some.

Cacao nibs are packed with even more fiber and have a lower calorie count than chocolate, so they're great for weight loss. The extra fiber also makes them great for staying regular and relieving constipation.


Some Things to Keep in Mind About Chocolate

Although chocolate can be a delicious superfood, it may not be for everyone. Chocolate does contain caffeine, for instance. Although much less than coffee (20mg in in 1 ounce of dark chocolate versus 95mg in an 8 ounce cup of coffee), those who are very sensitive or trying to avoid caffeine should either keep away from chocolate or watch their symptoms. Some symptoms may include jitteriness, nervousness, headaches, rapid heartbeat and irritability.

Be sure that you are eating the right kind of chocolate. Some chocolates are better than others and the darker the chocolate the healthier it is for you. The higher the percentage of cacao the more benefits, so aim to get the highest that you can.

Enjoy chocolate in moderation, as it is not a low-calorie superfood. It can cause weight gain and skin issues, so most experts recommend about 1 ounce a day for health benefits without the downside.


How to Add Healthy Chocolate into Your Day

The exciting part about daily consumption of chocolate is the many delicious ways it can be added to your day!

Cacao nibs can be the nutrient-dense topping that you're looking for. Put them on top of a custard, yogurt or cottage cheese for a delicious crunch. Add them to your homemade trail mix or mix with blueberries for an extra antioxidant boost. You can even add them to your coffee for a delicious kick.

Add cacao to your smoothies for a rich and decadent treat. They can also be put into pancakes for the whole family to enjoy- what kid can resist chocolate chip pancakes?!

Chop up some chocolate finely or grate it to put over your favorite healthy treat, such as strawberries. Mix some with hot coconut or almond milk and honey or maple syrup for a healthy hot cocoa.

Plus, you can always eat it just the way it is as an afternoon treat. There is no wrong way to eat something as delicious as chocolate!

With all the wonderful benefits of healthy chocolate, go ahead and enjoy it as a daily treat! Your mind, heart, and body will thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about PREBIOTICS and PROBIOTICS:

What is a Prebiotic?

Prebiotics come from plants, usually root plants that contain a lot of fiber and feed the good bacteria in your gut.

Why is it important to have both prebiotics and probiotics?

Probiotics alone cannot grow without a healthy gut to support them. When combining a nurturing base of prebiotics in the belly, with a good dose of probiotics, a garden of flora blossoms and fills the gut with a balanced microbiome.

Can your body make its own Conjugated Lineolic Acid?

You certainly have the gut flora to make your very own CLA. It’s one of the many things your lactobacilli and bifidobacteria do for you.

It’s important to have healthy gut flora to be able to make CLA. People with gut dysbiosis have a significantly harder job of it – possibly one reason why obesity and gut dysfunction tend to go hand-in-hand. So if you’ve been eating well for a while and your gut is humming along nicely, you can probably count on a substantial CLA intake from gut flora. If you’re eating is not so “healthy” or you simply aren’t producing enough good bacteria, Truth Bar can help by giving probiotic support to build up your colonies of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

How much inulin is in each bar?

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry:
Chocolate Dipped Coconut: 3.2g
Mint Chocolate Chip: 3.3g
Chocolate Almond Crunch: 2.5g

How much MCT Oil is in each bar?

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry:
Chocolate Dipped Coconut: 4.5g MCT/bar
Mint Chocolate Chip: 0.5g MCT/bar
Chocolate Almond Crunch: 0.5g MCT/bar

These are approximate amounts based on estimate of 60% MCT present in coconut oil, and 65% oil in coconut.

What is the percentage of “prebiotic - probiotic"?

Using approximate inulin amounts:

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry:
Chocolate Dipped Coconut: 3.2g prebiotic to 500 Million CFU probiotics
Mint Chocolate Chip: 3.3g prebiotic to 1 Billion CFU probiotics
Chocolate Almond Crunch: 2.5g prebiotic to 500 Million CFU probiotics

What is the strain of probiotic in the lactoSpore?

Lactobacillus sporogenes (bacillus coagulans). It is a stable Lactic Acid forming probiotic that has exceptional and lengthy studies of gut healing effects ranging across gastro intestinal issues, bloating, diahhrea and irritable bowel syndrome.


Questions about SWEETENERS:

What is erythritol derived from?

Erythritol is derived from NON-GMO corn as a fermented sugar alcohol with GRAS status from the FDA.

What is the ratio of sweeteners? (Tapioca / Erythritol / Stevia)

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry:
Chocolate Dipped Coconut: 6.5g / 3.2g / 0.02g
Mint Chocolate Chip: 11.0g / 3.3g / 0.02g
Chocolate Almond Crunch: 11.0g / 2.5g / 0.02g



Are Truth Bars Vegan?

We have created both Vegan and Non-Vegan bars. Two of our flavors are Vegan and two are Non-Vegan. Our Chocolate Dipped Coconut and Chocolate Dipped Raspberry bars are both 100% Vegan. They're both rich in fiber and essential medium chain fatty acids that are easily digested, which makes them incredibly useful for a quick burst of energy.

Our Chocolate Almond Crunch and Mint Chocolate Chip bars feature a Non-Vegan blend of brown rice protein and whey isolate that supplies essential Amino Acids for a "complete" or "whole" source of protein. Our balanced mix of fiber and protein results in two meal replacement bars that provide all the BCAAs needed for proper muscle development.

Are Truth Bars 100% gluten free?

Yes, all Truth Bars are 100% gluten free!

Is there soy in Truth Bars?

Soy based lecithin is commonly used as an emulsifier in dark chocolates. However, they are are serious consumer concerns over soy that we have taken very seriously. In order to protect and promote overall health the specially formulated dark chocolate coating on all Truth Bars is completely free of both soy and sugar.

Are the bars Peanut Free?

Yes, all Truth Bars are 100% peanut free. We use only high quality almond and sunflower butter.


Other Questions:

Where can I find a full list of ingredients?

You can find a the full list of ingredients on each bar’s product page. The ingredients can be found by clicking the second tab. Here's a link to each of our product pages: Chocolate Dipped RaspberryChocolate Dipped CoconutMint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Almond Crunch.

Where can I find nutrition information?

Each bar’s nutrition facts can also be found on the product pages above. Just click the third tab.

Another place to find info would be our ingredient's page, which outlines each of our key ingredients and their benefits.

What is the shelf life of the bars?

Truth Bars have a shelf life of 18 months. We make our bars in small batches, which ensures that our retailer's shelves are stocked with fresh bars.

Please let us know if you have a question that is not listed above.
Simply write to us at We are happy to answer any questions!