Dark Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow (12 Bars) - Truth Products LLC
Dark Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow (12 Bars) - Truth Products LLC

Toasted Marshmallow Dark Chocolate (12 Bars)

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(12 bars/case)

About this item:

  • PROBIOTICS+PREBIOTICS: The First Nutrition Bar to combine BOTH Probiotics And Prebiotics to promote gut health. Truth Bars contain 1 Billion CFU Bacillus Coagulans probiotic with natural prebiotic fiber and 250 mg of Omega 3s from chia.
  • LOW SUGAR PROTEIN BAR: Truth Bar's Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Bar is an all-natural, low sugar protein bar that offers 8g of protein with the healthy fats and high fiber that make it a perfectly balanced nutrition bar. It also happens to be Non-GMO, Kosher, AND Gluten-Free!
  • ON THE GO SNACK: Truth Bars are a great energy bar, and satisfy without weighing you down with junk or too much sugar. Truth Bars are great for an on-the-go snack, a pre- or post-workout bar, and a healthy dessert.
  • KEEP YOU FULL AND SATISFIED: This healthy take on a dark chocolate covered protein bar keeps you full with its high fiber and healthy fats and protein. At only 170 calories and low sugar, this is a great snack bar or dessert bar that keeps you full longer.


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