Digestive Bitters (120 Capsules 40mg ea.) - Truth Products LLC
Digestive Bitters (120 Capsules 40mg ea.) - Truth Products LLC
Digestive Bitters (120 Capsules 40mg ea.) - Truth Products LLC
Digestive Bitters (120 Capsules 40mg ea.) - Truth Products LLC
Digestive Bitters (120 Capsules 40mg ea.) - Truth Products LLC

Digestive Bitters (120 Capsules 40mg ea.)

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Truth Products Presents... 

Diana Stobo's Probiotic and Prebiotic Formula. 

 (120 Capsules, 400mg ea.)

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Diana Stobo's Digestive Bitters are an herbal digestive formula that stimulates the body's own production of bile and thousands of digestive enzymes, helping your body digest efficiently and incorporate nutrients optimally. Digestive Bitters are a recommended part of Diana’s 10-day detox, the Naked Challenge.

Enzymes are critical to a healthy life. As we age our bodies produce fewer of these vital enzymes. Even with a healthy diet, you may not be absorbing the essential nutrients and fuel for your body because of a lack of enzymatic production.

Stress and poor diet also lead to a reduction in bile production. Our bodies should be producing a liter of bile daily, but the sad truth is that the majority of us barely create the required amount. Bile is the body's natural "degreaser," breaking down fats for digestion, which in turn are used in hormone production. ALL hormones are synthesized from fat.

This deficient production of enzymes and bile can contribute to a myriad of general health problems including:

• Premature aging 

• Food allergies 

• Irritable bowel syndrome 

• Decreased energy and fatigue 

• Inflammation 

• Hormone imbalance 

• Poor circulation 

• Lymphatic congestion 

• Gallstones 


Ingredients: Trifala (Amalaki, Bibitaki, Haritaki), Ancient Plant, Minerals, Hawthorn Berry, Turmeric, White Oak Bark, Bhumyamalaki, Cumin, Aloe Vera, Dandelion Root, Sarsaparilla, Cardamon, Boldo, Papaya Leaf, Codonopsis, Fennel Seed, Cinnamon (Sweet), Alfalfa Leaf, Coriander, Guduchi, Peppermint, Red Peony Root, Ginger, Milk Thistle Seed, Fenugreek, Lemon Balm, Gold Coin Grass, Plantain Leaf, Turkey Rhubarb, Dill, Chamomile, Caraway Seed, Oregano, Parsley Leaf, Fringe Tree Bark, Pippali, Thyme, Bupleurum, Rosemary, Chickweed, Ashwagandha, Licorice Root, Calamus (American), Burdock Root, Wild Yam, Gymnema, Nettle Root, Guacatonga, Epazote, Pink Sulfur Salt, Devil's Claw, Elecampane, Gentian, Andrographis, Humic & Fulvic Earth with SBOs, Ormalite  

Capsule Shell Ingredient: Pullulan. Pullulan is made from water extracted from fungi. It is natural, environmentally friendly, candida yeast free, and non-GMO, and there are no toxic chemicals involved in growth, harvest, or extraction. Pullulan forms an oxygen barrier 9 times stronger than gelatin, resulting in better protected nutrients as well as a longer shelf life for the product.

Recommended Uses: Take 2-4 capsules with every meal. Optionally 1-2 capsules  can be taken between meals to help clear the blood of undigested food and separate contents of one meal from the next. This practice ensures the critical separation of oils and sweets in the diet.  

For Regularity: Take 2 capsules with a large glass of water about 10 minutes before every meal. You can also take up to 5 capsules before bedtime. For severe constipation, Bitters alone may not be enough; add a magnesium supplement or a Probiotic for faster relief.

Digestive Bitters is not habit forming (does not contain cascara or senna) and can be taken daily. The general recommendation is to take some with every meal and just before bed.  Taken at least first thing in the morning and just before bed is helpful to resolve most any constipation issue. 

General Instructions: For general digestive health or digestive support for a raw diet, take one capsule with a large glass of water about 10 minutes before each meal. 

For fullness or discomfort after a large meal or for relief after eating something that disagrees with you, take 1 to 3 capsules as needed.

Tips for Best Results: When taking Bitters, make sure to drink plenty of water: about 8 glasses a day. The Bitters work best when paired with a Naked diet; that is, a diet that is about 80% fresh, raw produce like salads, wraps, smoothies, and juices and about 20% cooked food. For more information about a Naked diet, go HERE.

Return policy: If you follow the recommended uses and tips for best results stated above and the Bitters don't work for you, you may return any completely sealed, unopened bottles for a refund (shipping charges are not refunded) within 30 days of purchase. Once the seals have been broken, a bottle cannot be returned.  

*More about Diana Stobo’s Digestive Bitters:

Bitter herbs and bitter foods stimulate the bitter taste receptors, not only on the tongue, but also within the stomach, intestines, and pancreas. The stimulation of these bitter taste receptors activates salivary and gastric secretions, preparing the digestive tract to receive food and break it down into nutrients.

The bitter herbs in Digestive Bitters help improve regularity & digestion, increase the body's natural digestive enzyme production, reduce gas, bloat, heartburn, and indigestion, and clears debris from the bloodstream (as a result of increased bile production).

The action of bitter herbs also gradually dissolves kidney & gallbladder stones, while gently cleansing the liver, blood, and kidneys.

By taking Digestive Bitters regularly is nature's original way to restore effective digestion by enhancing digestive fluids in the body naturally.

Bitter herbs stimulate bile production from the liver, through the gall bladder (where it is concentrated 5-20 times), and into the small intestines. The primary function of bile (of which your body produces about a quart a day), is to emulsify your fats and oils, thus preparing these cholesterol sources to be converted into the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, cholesterol-based steroidal hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, adrenaline, etc.), and provide fatty acids for the body's numerous metabolic functions.

By emulsifying the fat before it enters the bloodstream, blood sugar levels are less likely to climb, as undigested fat in the bloodstream, followed by high sugar levels, are complicit in numerous chronic health conditions.  Bile encapsulates the pathogens, heavy metals, chemicals, and parasites being purified from the bloodstream by the liver and delivers them safely out of the body. So bile production is one of the body’s most important detoxification pathway mechanisms.  Bile is also the body's natural laxative, so Digestive Bitters is slightly laxative, and will help move constipating foods (like meat, eggs, sugar, nuts, yogurt, cheese, bananas, etc.) through the system faster.

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