Nutritional Facts

Made with Love:
A bounty of whole, natural ingredients is at the heart of every Truth Bar. Each ingredient is chosen because it packs a powerful nutritional punch. Blended in a unique recipe, each bar is made with love for a rich, luxurious taste you will enjoy every day without any artificial ingredients or fillers that you might find in some other snacks or bars. Every rich, dark, chocolate covered Truth Bar was scientifically formulated to balance your microbiome, boost your immune power, give you sustained energy, and soothe tummy troubles on a daily basis. To optimize your health you should optimize your gut health. So, in addition to powerful superfoods, Truth Bars deliver both probiotics and the prebiotics that sustain their growth.

Chia Seeds

Chocolate Raspberry Coconut

Dark Chocolate

Mint Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Almond Crunch

Cacao Nibs

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch

Sea Salt

Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow

Chicory Root

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough