With Loving Gratitude

A Personal Message to all my wonderful friends and clients.

Founder, Diana Stobo


As for all of us during these unprecedented times, the unimaginable has become a reality. It is through the kindnesses, warm generosities, supportive well wishes, and love that has kept us fighting for this company. If our customers are who they have represented themselves to be during this harsh business climate, then it's worth the effort and persevere to keep truth bar alive.

I hope my story can continue and truth bar can thrive to be an empowerment piece for those who have struggled with a start-up business, and who understands the entrepreneurs heart. Thank you for being on this truth journey with me.
I will endeavor to keep you updated the best I can regarding the progress. We hope to have some new improvements in 2021 including improved fiber source and faster online delivery service.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty, we love that you love TRUTH. I am truly blessed!

Always look forward, never look back,