Case: Chocolate Almond Crunch (3 trays / 36 bars) - The Truth Bar
3 Box Chocolate Almond Crunch (36 Bars) “Out-of-Date” CLEARANCE 50% OFF
3 Box Chocolate Almond Crunch (36 Bars) “Out-of-Date” CLEARANCE 50% OFF

3 Box Chocolate Almond Crunch (36 Bars) “Out-of-Date” CLEARANCE 50% OFF

Regular price $98.64 Sale price $49.32
Flavor Chocolate Almond Crunch
Brand Truth Bar
Quantity 1 Case
36 Bars 1.76 oz each
Diet Type Gluten Free, Kosher


We believe in Truth and full disclosure to our valued customers. This is one of our best tasting products and has been tested and certified as 1st Quality.

Food manufacturers are often faced with figuring out what to do with product that is near its “sell by,” “use by,” or “best by” date. It may come as a surprise, but The Food and Drug Administration actually approves of the consumption of outdated food and beverages. They say that expiration dates are simply an indication of optimum quality and are more like guidelines and not indicative of the product safety.

These Chocolate Almond Crunch bars have a “Best-By” date of 4/09/21.

Our taste testing shows these bars to have excellent taste & texture due to the quality of ingredients we use. They are NOT chalky, dried out, or hard. They still taste fresh & delicious and the goodness and safety will remain for well over a year beyond the "Best-By" date.

We feel very confident and comfortable shipping these to our valued customers with a huge discount.

These are a GREAT VALUE and we are offering this product at clearance prices with full disclosure.

  • PROBIOTICS+PREBIOTICS: The First Nutrition Bar to combine BOTH Probiotics And Prebiotics to promote gut health. Truth Bars contain 1 Billion CFU Bacillus Coagulans probiotic with natural prebiotic fiber and 250 mg of Omega 3s from chia.
  • All Truth Bars contain 1 Billion CFUs of probiotics and the prebiotics that help them thrive.
  • LOW SUGAR PROTEIN BAR: Truth Bar's Chocolate Almond Crunch Bar is an all-natural, low sugar protein bar that offers 10g of protein with the healthy fats and high fiber that make it a perfectly balanced nutrition bar. It also happens to be Non-GMO, Kosher, AND Gluten-Free!
  • ON THE GO SNACK: Truth Bars are a great energy bar, and satisfy without weighing you down with junk or too much sugar. Truth Bars are great for an on the go snack, a pre or post workout bar, and a healthy dessert.
  • KEEP YOU FULL AND SATISFIED: This healthy take on a dark chocolate covered protein bar keeps you full with its high fiber and healthy fats and protein. At only 200 calories and low sugar, this is a great snack bar or dessert bar that keeps you full longer.


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