By Samantha Stobo

The Truth about protein bars….are they really healthy?

The Truth about protein bars….are they really healthy?

Not all proteins are created equal, a fact especially evident in the realm of protein bars. These bars have become a convenient and popular choice for those seeking a quick, portable, and nutritious snack. While protein bars offer potential health benefits such as aiding weight loss and enhancing nutrient intake, it's essential to be mindful of their ingredients. Some protein bars are laden with added sugar and artificial additives, while others may lack the essential amino acids necessary for a complete protein source. Selecting the ideal protein bar to align with your health goals requires careful research and consideration of your individual needs.

To optimize your protein intake while maintaining a low calorie count, it's crucial to incorporate protein-rich foods into each meal while complementing them with lower-calorie, high-fiber options. Ensuring an adequate intake of fiber is vital for digestive health and can serve as a protective measure against prevalent chronic diseases.

Despite the numerous health benefits associated with diets high in fiber—including longevity, reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, and lower obesity rates—many Americans fail to meet their daily fiber requirements.  

So….how much fiber do you need?

Your daily fiber requirements vary based on factors such as gender and age. Here are the current daily fiber recommendations provided by the United States Institute of Medicine (IOM):




1-3 years

14 grams

14 grams 

4-8 years

16.8 grams 

19.6 grams 

9-13 years

22.4 grams

25.2 grams 

14-18 years 

25.2 grams 

30.8 grams 

19-50 years

25 grams 

38 grams 

51 and older

21 grams 

30 grams 

Meeting the recommended daily fiber intake specific to your gender and age can play a crucial role in supporting overall health and mitigating the risk of various medical conditions, including heart disease, colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes.  

Truth Bars offer a robust combination of 9 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber derived from Cassava (Yucca root), Inulin, and Chia. With only 180 calories per serving, these bars present a convenient and satisfying snack option, particularly for those craving something sweet. In addition to being low in sugar, Truth Bars also boast Omega-3 fatty acids, providing added health benefits. Supported by white paper documents, consuming two bars a day has been shown to notably influence gut health, blood sugar levels, and alleviate digestive symptoms.

P.S It's essential to acknowledge that individuals who aren't accustomed to a high-fiber diet may experience a transition period when increasing their fiber intake. This adjustment can prompt the gut to initiate a cleansing process, potentially releasing accumulated waste and leading to temporary discomfort or increased gas. However, there's no cause for alarm as this discomfort typically subsides once the gut has completed its cleansing process. In fact, this process is beneficial for overall gut health—remember, it's better out than in!