How the Truth Bar was born

Truth Bar was founded on the belief that, in order to optimize our health and wellness, we need to embrace the whole truth of what our bodies need -- that the core of optimal health and healing starts with a healthy gut.  

When we listen to our gut and give our bodies the whole food ingredients and the vital nutrients that we crave, we can heal our bodies and thrive like never before.

Understanding the importance of nutrition and gut health was the impetus for the development of the Truth Bar.  In fact, it was through co-founder Diana Stobo's own personal journey from illness to health that Truth Bar was born.

The Journey

Diana’s moment of truth came the day she found herself in an emergency room with a long history of medical diagnoses and an even longer list of prescription pills.  She pursued conventional medical treatments, only to find her symptoms getting worse.  She was struggling with multiple autoimmune diseases and a toxic response in her body that caused her to gain 100 pounds.  After suffering for years, she finally realized that in order to heal her body she needed to take matters into her own hands.

Diana committed to the study of nutrition.   She changed her diet to a clean, raw, plant-based diet -- in fact, she became one of the pioneers of the raw food movement -- as she sought to detox from years of medication.  She had previously been a French chef, a baker, and a chocolatier so she set out to transform how she cooked and ate in order to heal her body -- combining her training in how to make food taste great, with her knowledge of nutrition.  Through her research and a dedication to a new way of eating, she found the path to lose 100 lbs. and to heal her thyroid and autoimmune conditions.  She went on to make health and nutrition her vocation.

Along the way, after her powerful transformation, Diana  was challenged to make a nutrition bar.  At the time, she didn't believe in bars as most of them were either filled with sugar and artificial ingredients or they just didn't taste good.  But then she took up the challenge.  She had been making an incredible delicious raw cookie at the time that was low in sugar and filled with nutrients, fiber and healthy fats.  In fact, it was a 'famous' cookie making its way to the Academy Awards!   So she thought 'if I can make this cookie into a bar… that would be delicious'. 

Once she created the bar and reviewed the nutrition panel for it, she thought it would make an amazing gut health bar -- all the fiber, healthy fat, real ingredients -- so she decided to add probiotics for an even more powerful gut healing effect.  Diana then launched Truth Bar -- the first gut health bar with prebiotics and probiotics (and it still tasted as good as her original cookie!)


A Bar Like No Other

With her passion for personal transformation and an understanding of the healing power of food, Diana continues to create Truth Bars using high-quality, purposeful ingredients, fortified with prebiotics and probiotics that help people build their health the only way she knew was sustainable: from the inside out.

Diana works today as Truth Bar's Chief Formulator, working with a dedicated team that is unwavering in its commitment to deliver powerful nutrition, wrapped in chocolate, and made with love. 


Behind Every Recipe:  Science.

We source and prepare each Truth Bar with quality, whole food ingredients and optimal delivery of prebiotics and probiotics to provide targeted nutritional benefits.  Truth Bars support digestive health and provide a healthy balance of fiber, fats and protein.


With Every Bite:  Dark Chocolate.

We craft each Truth Bar with a chocolatier's singular devotion to taste.  Because, let's be honest, Truth Bars have to taste great for you to love eating them.