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Diana Stobo
Truth Bar Founder & Lead Formulator 

After undergoing a health crisis, Diana Stobo – previously a classically trained French chef, professional baker and chocolatier – committed herself to the study of healthy eating and nutrition, eventually formulating Truth Bar, which she describes as the “best nutrition bar for gut health.”

Now a nationally recognized health and nutrition expert, leading raw food chef and lifestyle coach, Stobo is also a successful entrepreneur who has launched multiple products and businesses in the health, wellness and food categories.

Stobo’s passion for helping people heal themselves is rooted in struggles with her own health. After battling multiple conditions while raising three children, she decided to take control and research health practices from around the world until she was educated enough to heal herself. Through a combination of nutrition, detoxification, exercise and meditation, she turned around her health, lost 100 pounds and became a passionate advocate for helping others – witnessing first-hand how tapping into her own power and desire to change completely transformed her life.

Scientifically formulated to balance the microbiome, boost immune power, provide sustained energy and soothe tummy troubles, Truth Bar – a low sugar food bar packed with high quality ingredients including fiber, prebiotics, probiotics and omega-3s – is her latest brainchild. Available in a variety of tasty flavors, all bars are gluten free, non-GMO, kosher and made with no artificial ingredients or fillers. 

Prior to launching Truth Bar, she founded The Retreat Costa Rica – a tropical luxury resort with stunning views of the Nicoya Peninsula and Pacific Ocean. This lifestyle hotel is also a transformational wellness center where guests can reset their internal sense of balance in a nurturing and gentle environment. Her signature wellness programs and gastronomic concepts are offered in a peaceful setting that stills the mind and inspires the soul.

A trusted voice on subjects of digestive health, food as a modality for change, hormone balance, sex, aging well, weight management and wellness travel, she is the author of 15 books including the popular “Get Naked Fast.” She has coached thousands of people back to good health and is known for her ability to create tools and practices that empower and facilitate transformation. 

"I have a passion for healing and a deep understanding of the true nature of the body and its metaphysical connection,” says Stobo, whose work has been featured in HuffPost, Epicurious, W Magazine, Cooking Light, Women's Health, FOX News, ABC News, among others. “My purpose is to help people uncover their desires to live better, balanced, wholesome lives and to facilitate their transformation.”