• Sweet Potato Berry Muffins

    Sweet Potato Berry Muffins

    Sweet potatoes are a deliciously sweet, satisfying, and nutritionally rich food that can be enjoyed so many ways.  Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and are known to help stabilize blood sugar, aid in weight loss, and are high in...

  • Tropical Blue Smoothie Bowl

    Tropical Blue Smoothie Bowl

      Blue smoothie bowls remind me of the ocean! Not only are they a lovely blue color ranging from turquoise to sky blue depending on your ingredients, but they're also filled with blue-green sea algae (or spirulina), one of nature's...

  • Vegan Pina Colada Soft Serve

    Vegan Pina Colada Soft Serve

    What's better than a delicious dessert? A delicious dessert that's good for you and ready in one minute! This vegan soft serve is light and delicious. Ingredients 4 cups frozen pineapple chunks ½ cup full fat coconut milk 1 Chocolate Coconut...

  • White Cranberry Banana Smoothie

    White Cranberry Banana Smoothie

    This smoothie bowl gets a little added sweetness from white cranberry juice, and it also includes a delicious combination of fruits like frozen banana, mandarin oranges, strawberries and raspberries.   This smoothie offers a great antioxidant boost for any time...

  • Magical Peanut Butter Truth Cookie Bars

    Magical Peanut Butter Truth Cookie Bars

    Truth be told, these are just as good as you remember from the 7-layer magic bars of your childhood.   But these are gluten-free deliciousness.  Between the great indulgent taste and the probiotics and prebiotics from Truth Bars, you will surely have...

  • PItaya Power Smoothie Bowl

    PItaya Power Smoothie Bowl

    This pink smoothie bowl is a great way to start your day.  Not only is it packed with superfoods like pitaya and strawberries, but with its bright colors, it's pretty cheery too. This smoothie bowl is overflowing with fiber.  Truth...